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ABAPSTAS (The Association of Blind and Partially Sighted Teachers and Students) is the only national organisation OF visually impaired people which focuses on education and employment issues. 
Charity No. 266056

ABAPSTAS was founded in 1970 by a small number of visually impaired people with the primary aim of supporting VI students, teachers and lecturers. Since then, ABAPSTAS has grown into a national self-help and campaigning organisation with a strong voice. Our main focus is still on education and employment but our members now include people who have moved into careers other than teaching.

We have an open, democratic structure. Our Chairperson and the other members of the Executive Committee are elected every year at our annual conference. There are sub-committees or working groups on education issues, campaigns, fund-raising, etc. The conference also elects people to represent ABAPSTAS on other organisations.

The main event of the year is our annual conference. We have speakers and workshops on issues which are important to our members. There is also plenty of time to share experiences.

ABAPSTAS produce a magazine four times a year. This gives information about the work of current campaigns, individual experiences as well as news and opinions. Recently we have launched our web site and electronic lists for teachers and students. In addition to this we often organise other events during the year apart from our conference. In the past, these have included days on study skills, teaching techniques and confidence building.

To find out more about ABAPSTAS, please contact us on 0117 966 4839.

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Charity No. 266056

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